Fall 2010 Forum    

"Cruise into the Energy Future with Electric Vehicles"

October 15, 2010
Portland Conference Centers, World Trade Center

Topics included:
• EV 101: Electric vehicle and charging stations types
• State and Federal Incentives, tax credits and code restrictions for electric vehicles and charging stations
• EV Project overview
• Charging station installation lesson's learned
The Oregon APEM 2010 Fall Forum, “Cruise into the Energy Future with Electric Vehicles,” was held at the World Trade Center 's Portland Conference Center, in downtown Portland (a special thanks to Portland General Electric for being such wonderful hosts). Throughout the day there were many interesting and thought provoking speakers, as well as the opportunity to see and interact with some of the latest charging station equipment manufactures and experience first hand several electric vehicles from Portland General Electric's fleet that were on display in the plaza area.

Rick Durst, PGE, began the day by providing an overview of the basic types of electric vehicle's and charging stations that will be arriving in our state shortly. He explained the acronyms (EV, BEV, PHEV, etc.) and difference between Level I, II, and DC fast chargers, and guided the general discussion about electric vehicle power requirements and infrastructure needs. see his presentation

Art James from the Oregon Department of Transportation continued the discussion by explaining the available tax credits, incentives and code restrictions that are associated with the coming electric vehicle revolution. see his presentation

David Mayfield of ECOtality, discussed the "EV Project", a current Department of Energy grant to deploy roughly 2,000 charging stations in Oregon over the next year and how local businesses and governments can be involved in purchasing electric vehicles or charging stations. Dave explained the project's goals, scope and timeline in Oregon. see his presentation

Peter Brandom, Sustainability Manager for the City of Hillsboro, talked about the challenges involved in getting EV chargers installed in a community. Peter has worked directly with charging station manufactures, local utilities, and the state to install or plan the installation of several charging stations in the Hillsboro area. Peter offered great insight into this process, along with the complications and options available in the charging station market. see his presentation

Rich Durst lead a very enlightening activity showing the normal driving patterns of forum participants. This great activity highlighted the average daily commute, and the average mileage to favorite destinations of our forum audience from several different geographic regions. This unscientific, although highly entertaining, activity helped bring home the point that the majority of Americans could perform their normal driving activities with an electric vehicle.


Art James, ODOT

Peter Brandom, City of Hillsboro

David Mayfield, ECOtality

Rick Durst, PEG