Oregon Association of Professional Energy Managers
Ballot for the Annual Election to Select the Board of Directors


1. Please complete and submit the Ballot below by Monday, November 28, 2016.
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3. Write-in votes will be counted, however their interest in serving on the Board and their membership status must be confirmed before they can be seated on the Board.
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This ballot contains an alphabetical listing of the names of those nominees who have confirmed their interest in serving on the Oregon APEM Board of Directors.

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VOTER INFORMATION: Candidate Statements
Professional (Two-year term on the Board) Candidates:

Dave Cone, Evergreen School District (Incumbent)
Dave has worked for the Evergreen School District for the past 8 years as their Resource Conservation Manager. Prior to
that he worked for the Gresham-Barlow School District for 10 years as their Assistant Facilities Director. Dave’s work in
energy management began in 1999 as an adjunct to his work with Gresham-Barlow. His work has been recognized several
times by the EPA’s Energy Star Partner of the Year program, both with Gresham-Barlow and Evergreen. He received his
CEM designation in 2010. Dave has been affiliated with the Oregon Association of Professional Energy Managers for over
fourteen years, serving on its board for the past 11 years, and serving as its president in 2007 and 2014. Dave’s reasons for
wanting to continue his service on the board include: using Oregon APEM as a means whereby he can give back to the
industry; being part of the process that brings high quality energy educational opportunities to his peers in the industry;
bringing an historic perspective to issues related to the board, gleaned from his many years of service; the ability to bring
a broad perspective regarding energy related issues to the Oregon APEM board, not just for issues related to his profession
in the k-12 education industry.

Rick Hodges, NW Natural (Incumbent)
Rick is currently managing Energy Efficiency Programs at NW Natural. He has a degree in Economics and Business from the
University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. After spending several years’ post-college on the finance side of projects, he moved
into a consulting role in 2007. After moving to Portland in 2010, Rick joined the Bonneville Power Administration as an
Energy Efficiency Program. Rick values education and enjoys learning from each APEM forum and the many knowledgeable
professionals in the industry. He sees volunteering and serving on the board of APEM as an opportunity to give back and
looks forward to supporting others as they enter and advance in the industry.

Steve Hunt, Evergreen Consulting Group (Incumbent)
I am the controller/business manager and member of the senior management team at Evergreen Consulting Group.
Evergreen is a full-service energy-efficiency consulting firm with expertise in commercial, industrial and residential lighting
initiatives and management of trade ally networks. Besides helping Evergreen achieve its financial and strategic objectives,
my operational responsibilities center on working closely with managers and staff to complete projects that allow
Evergreen to score energy savings for our clients and end users. In each of the last 2 years, our efforts have helped utilities
save 100M kWh in Oregon alone. I graduated from Oregon State University and bring over 20 years of business experience
as a controller and/or owner. I hope to stay on the board to serve APEM’s efforts to facilitate the education of its members
and professionals at large in energy efficiency.

Kelly Johnson, System Design Consultants
I am excited to be able to serve on the board of Oregon APEM to assist and improve our energy industry. It would be an
honor to help others; and to learn and service our energy community. I have been employed with System Design
Consultants, Inc. since 2007. I am the Sustainability Manger. My work has been in energy management, mechanical
design and Project Management. I have successfully been part of multiple LEED buildings and Earth Advantage building
certifications. In my work, I have been able to provide successfully perform energy models, energy savings to multiple
buildings. I am passionate about reducing energy use for all the buildings I am honored to be part of. Thank you for your

Matt Lichtenfels, Beaverton School District (Incumbent)
Thank you for once again considering me to serve as member the Oregon APEM Board. It is truly an honor. I am committed
to furthering my contributions to the organization by building upon what I have learned in my first term with the Board.
My qualifications include 8 years’ experience in the energy efficiency field - the first 4 years as a consultant working
primarily as an energy auditor in the private sector and the last 4 years as the Energy and Resource Conservation Manager
for the Beaverton School District. Working to save energy and money that can otherwise be used to support our education
programs continues to be extremely rewarding. I also bring to the table over 12 years’ experience as an environmental
project manager and industrial hygiene specialist that has enabled me to balance energy efficiency with indoor air quality.
For as long as I can remember, I have always been committed to the environmental, energy conservation, and
sustainability. I believe in the APEM’s mission of energy education, collaboration, and community and I believe my values
and experience continue to be a good fit for the Board. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve once again.